Welcome on AfriExchanger.net

My name is Abel DEDO, also owner of https://www.afriexchanger.com.

Here on AfriExchanger.net, you can exchange some E-currencies free of charge, whatever your country.

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If you live in Africa, you may become our Unique E-currencies Reseller in your country.

We work with only one person per country. So, if you become our reseller, all transactions with the residents of your country will be done through you only.

We can provide e-currencies in wholesale prices and so, allow you to enter in this most profitable online business.

What are the requirements to become our Reseller?

-You must live in Africa

-You must have a prepaid bank card to send us and on which you can load funds for your purchases with us

-You must be able to withdraw Money from a Visa Prepaid bank card. We will send you and on which we will load funds when you will need to get cash.

Payment by Mobile Money must exist in your country (in all country where we are, residents can buy and sell e-currencies with their mobile phone, without leaving their home – that’s also our philosophy).


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